Join the #VoiceFirst Revolution: Essential Reading List

The #VoiceFirst Revolution is a growing movement that emphasizes voice-accessibility in tech. Siri, Alexa, Bixby, and Tianmao Jingling are examples of #VoiceFirst consumer products, but they only scratch the surface of the possibilities of voice user interfaces (VUI). We scoured book recommendations from experts in the #VoiceFirst community to find the best books about Voice First technology and VUI -- here are the results.

Ubiquitous Voice: Essays from the Field

Compiled by Senior VUI Designer at Amazon Lisa Falkson, Ubiquitous Voice brings together essays from Voice Experts such as Brian Roemmele, Bruce Balentine, Cathy Pearl, and many more to give a dynamic...

Voice Applications for Alexa and Google Assistant

Carl Robinson (Voice Tech podcast): " Dustin's book teaches you to build voice applications on both the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms from scratch. You'll learn everything you need to k...

Designing Voice User Interfaces: Principles of Conversational Experiences

Jennifer Balogh, Ph.D, co-author of Voice User Interface Design, recommends: "Designing Voice User Interfaces is a refreshing and much-needed update on how to design effective VUIs. The book is brimmi...

The Third Wave

Conversational technology and evangelist Tobias Goebel recommends: "As Steve Case, former CEO of AOL, a company that formed our perception of the Internet like few others, writes in his book The Thir...
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