Tim Ferriss' Best Book Recommendations

These are the books Tim Ferriss has gifted most over the years. Gifting a book is one of the highest forms of praise for that book, so we can be sure that these are Tim Ferriss' most highly-recommended books. Sourced from: "Four Books I Have Gifted Most" on his Youtube channel.

Letters from a Stoic

Tim says: "It really teaches you what I consider perhaps the ultimate operating system for thriving in high-stress environments. At least one of them."...

Zorba the Greek

Tim says: "Because I read nothing but non-fiction for more than a decade, I really like to gift people I know, Type-A driven people, fiction. Because I think many of the principles and truths containe...

Stranger in a Strange Land

Tim says: "Also, there’s a book called Stranger in a Strange Land, by Robert Heinlein, which is incredible. If you’ve ever wondered where the word “grok” comes from, “I grok that” or “I don’t grok tha...

Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!

I would say last but certainly not least, Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman. It is a book written by Richard Feynman, incredible physicist involved with the Manhattan Project. But also a polymath who ...
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