Honest Money - Readings on Why Gold is Good

"Gold is money, everything else is just credit." JP Morgan said that to stress that gold, unlike credit, is not dependent on a third party to deliver. The books listed take that insight and show why it matters and why, ultimately, gold is force for good in our world. This list ranges from easy reads to denser academic takes. These books are thought provoking and make up some of the very most influential books I've ever had the pleasure of reading.

End the Fed

This book was published shortly after the global financial crisis and took the blame to its root: central banking. Dr. Paul writes in a very conversational tone pitting fractional reserve banking agai...

What Has the Government Done to Our Money?

Written in the 1960's Rothbard's classic has stood the test of time. I love this book for how it systematically dismantles the pro-central banking arguments and shows how governments taking control of...

How an economy grows and why it crashes

A super fun, illustrated approach to learning about the "boom-bust cycle" inherent to Keynesianism. This book always looks best when opened up on my coffee table. ...

The Gold Standard - Perspectives in the Austrian School

Lew Rockwell pulls no punches and writes in the same authoritative voice he commands on his lewrockwell.com podcast; and that's exactly why I enjoyed this book just as much. He delivers the ethical ar...

Gold: The Once and Future Money

Published in 2007, this timely book is an enjoyable read that takes readers on a trip through history looking at the ingredients for prosperity in society. What Nathan Lewis concludes is that stable c...
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