Grand Masters - books that bring chess to life

As great as chess is, too many may perceive the game as dry against today's modern world of things competing for our attention. My attachment to the game is rooted and strengthened by the rich personalities and stories that exist around the game itself. Without them, I can't say for sure I would have stuck with the game. The following books are the ones that sparked my interest as a kid and brought new waves of inspiration through the years.

Searching for Bobby Fischer

The book that started it all for me. You may have heard of the film (also good) but the book is definitely on another level. Where else will you be able to read an accomplished novelist writing aut...

The Bobby Fischer I Knew and other stories

Another book so well written and filled with fascinating adventures that chess merely provides the backdrop. This is the book (original print) that took my love for the game to a whole new level as a ...

The Immortal Game

This book was gifted to me during senior year of my undergrad and it was perfect timing. The book reengaged me with the game just at a time my board was beginning to collect serious dust. It's filled ...

Magnus Force: how Carlsen beat Kasparov's record

I came across a New York Post piece on Magnus Carlsen in 2013 while living abroad and decided then and there it was time to add to my sporadic chess books collection. I worried this book may be intimi...

The Tao of Chess - 200 principles to transform your game and your life

A fun light-hearted read relative to the vast number of strategy or biographies to choose from. It occupies a space on my shelf that's always within easy reach to share with a friend or family. This i...
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